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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chocolate Underwear, anyone?

I guess my children think I'm dumb or something. Memaw and Pepaw came for Valentines Day, and they bought the kids lots of goodies including a bag of small chocolate hearts. On Saturday, Libby's game was at 8AM at Rosalia which is at least 30 minutes away. So Bob and the Pools got up really early and took her to her game. I stayed home with Madi.

When they got home, Memaw was looking for some stain remover for Libby's jersey. I asked her what she'd got on it . The whole inside was covered in CHOCOLATE.

It turns out that Libby was warming up for her game, and she put her hand up inside her jersey and pulled it out with her fingers covered in chocolate. They told her to go to the bathroom and clean it off. She was gone and gone and gone and gone. Finally Memaw went to go check on her, and she had chocolate ALL OVER her belly, back and sides.

She's stolen one of the little chocolate hearts and had put it down inside her shirt to save it for "later". Only she forgot that chocolate melts.

When I asked her how the chocolate got all over the inside of her shirt, she said "I have NO idea?" So I asked her if perhaps it had materialized there from another dimension? Or perhaps God had put it there when she wasn't looking????

She looked me right in the face and swore up and down that she didn't know how the chocolate got there. THEN she tells me that perhaps she laid her jersey down on top of some chocolate the night before and it had gotten on her jersey THAT way. Ummm...yeah....right.

Finally, I threatened to leave her at home while we went out to eat until she decided to tell the truth. So she is grounded to Carlie's room for the day today.

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