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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come and Make Me

Wow. The first three weeks of January were WONDERFUL for Frank. Then, that fourth week, his behavior took a nose dive. He was in trouble all week at school, culminating in him getting into a fight with a little girl for staring at him. He elbowed her, called her names and threw a rock at her (hitting her).

We finally figured out that he was up at night messing around instead of sleeping him. I grounded him to the upstairs bedroom so that I could keep an eye on him. He slept ALL weekend. I also made him sleep there Monday and Tuesday and he once again was good at school.

Then Wednesday night, he had a meltdown with his (male) basketball coach. It's very unusual for him to act up with a man. But they were working on a drill and Frank couldn't get it right. So he got frustrated and sat on the bench and refused to participate. The coach told him "Get your rear back out on the floor." And Frank responded "Come and make me, B!tch!!!"

Bob, being a High School Coach, about had a conniption fit. But Frank apologized to his coach today and his team members. And he did get to play a little in the game. That's the only problem we've had this week.

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