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Monday, February 16, 2009

I will NEVER pee again!!!

Madi woke up Thursday saying that her privates were hurting. I didn't think much about it and sent her on to school. They called later that morning saying she'd had an accident at school and the school nurse thought she had a bladder infection.

I was able to get an appointment for her at 3:30pm that afternoon, and Bob picked her up and school and ran her over to my office and then went back to his basketball practice.

Madi and I went over to the doctor's office together. We didn't have any trouble until the doctor informed her that she'd have to pee into a cup. The doctor refused to perscribe her any antibiotics until she peed in the cup.

Madi went absolutely BIZERK. She said it hurt when she went to pee, and she didn't need to pee anyway, so she WASN'T peeing in that cup. I took her to the bathroom and wrestled her skirt and underwear off of her. And then the fit REALLY began. I can't remember Madi ever acting like that. She screamed....she shrieked....she wailed....she tried to force me to give her clothes back to her. I wasn't going to bend.

She threatened to leave the bathroom and walk back to our exam room, wrap her coat around herself and go home by herself. She said I was the Meanest Mom in the Whole Wide World,and that she was NEVER GOING TO PEE AGAIN!!!!!. She said she was going to yell out the door to the doctor, and the doctor would come and make me give her clothes back to her. She was going to tell Bob what I'd done to her.

I'm sure the ENTIRE office heard everything because all of this was said at the top of her lungs.

Finally I turned the water on at the tap. That REALLY made her need to go pee. She started dancing and screaming and trying to get around me to turn the water off.

We did this for an HOUR. Finally she couldn't hold it any more and ran for the toilet and I managed to get TWO DROPS of pee into the cup. Luckily it was enough for the to test.

As soon as she peed in the cup she was back to her normal happy self. I on the other hand was EXHAUSTED!!!

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