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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hard Questions

Mr. Robey came to Winfield to watch Frank's last regular season football game. Frank was on the field, and I was taking pictures of the team. Libby was sitting by Mr. Robey. When I came to check on them, Mr Robey goes "Man, Julie, don't ever do that to me again?" I go "What?" He said when you left Libby started grilling me with hard questions "Why didn't you keep me?" "Are you still married to my Mom?" "How many tattoos does she have?" "Is your grown up son in jail?" "How many tattoos does HE have?" "How old are you anyway?" "You've been with your girlfriend for five years, so why haven't you married her yet?" "Are you gonna marry her?"

Boy, she nailed him in true Libby fashion. LOL. To his credit, I think he did a pretty good job of answering her questions. He told her that we all decided at the time that the best thing for Frank and Libby was to live with us, and she should be very glad she has such a great home. I told him I thought he did a fine job....all we can do is tell them the truth.

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