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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well They Both Said Yes!!!

I went down with my Mom and Dad to my cousin Matt's wedding. I look Libby with me because she PROMISED she'd not talk to much and she'd work and help decorate. Well when we got there the church was too dark for me to use my built in flash.

So my Dad and I went in search of one in his car. We ended up going all tbe way to Tulsa. I was driving. My Dad's cell phone wasn't working, so he had his cell phone out to find my Uncle's number and he was trying to dial it into my cell phone. We were stopped in our lane of traffic when WHAM we are hit from behind. I heard the tires squeal before we were hit, but there wasn't anything that I could do. We were the first car in a three car chain. Both the cell phones in Dad's hands went flying as well as the glasses off his face. My head slammed back against the head rest. We got out, and a young girl hadn't been paying attention and had rear-ended another car which then was pushed into us. Thankfully no one was hurt.

But it was the full works, police, firetruck, etc right in the middle of the busiest part of Tulsa.

By the time we got the wreck cleaned up and cars towed, and a rental car, we missed Matt's wedding completely!! While we were at the rental car place, the agent goes "Mr. Morgan will your wife be driving as well?" (while looking at me). I go "I" am his DAUGHTER. And he goes "Oh". So needless to say we had a hard time fitting my Dad's inflated head into the rental car. LOL.

All the time we were waiting, we were trying to call my Mom's cell phone to let her know what had happened. Later we found out that her purse...along with her cell phone...was in the car. Along with the clothes she and Libby were going to change into for the wedding...and the wedding presents. Oppps.

I asked Libby how the wedding went. She thought about it a second and said "Well it was really pretty....and they BOTH said Yes!!!"

BTW, Mom said that Libby did work really hard. She decorated and cooked and served food. I was proud of what a good helper she was.

The truck of Mom and Dad's car was just blown apart. We are waiting to see if it is totalled.

1 comment:

pharker said...

You should have called. :) I hope you had a nice police officer working the wreck. Hope you are both feeling OK--sore?

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