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Saturday, February 18, 2012

911….What’s the Nature of Your Emergency

We got all the kids their own cell phones for Christmas.  I had them really locked down so that they could only make and receive calls from certain people.  Frank had been doing so well for almost a year.  His counselor even released him from counseling stating that he thought Frank was doing great.
About six weeks ago, he started ramping things up.  I know being a 13 year old boy is hard, but this was getting a little ridiculous. 
We were all incredibly stressed out because of all the things going on in our family.  One day Bob and Frank were working on building a wheel chair ramp to our trailer house so that they could get Memaw in and out of the house.  Bob snapped at Frank for not listening.  I am at work and I start getting texts from my son.  He says that Dad was mean to him, kicked him out of the house….and he’s walking down the black top road towards the highway.  I told him to go home, and he texted back that he wouldn’t go home that he was afraid that Bob would hurt him (whatever).  So I called Bob and told him what Frank was texting me.  I said “You’d better go get him….he’s not very stable.”   Pepaw was going into town, so Bob told him to pick Frank up on the way out.  Pepaw came up next to him in his truck and Frank refused to get in the truck with him.  So Pepaw left him.   Next Bob tried to go get him.  He pulled up in the truck and when Frank saw him coming he ran off into the pasture into the cedar trees.  So Frank starts texting me “I won’t going home with Dad.  I’m afraid of him.  He’ll hurt me.”  Bob is texting me “I’m trying to get Frank, he’s running away, I can see him behind a cedar tree out in the field.”  Frank texts to me “I’m not going to go with him no matter what he says.”  And so on and so on.  Well Frank finally went back to the trailer and they talked it out.
A few weeks went by and Frank was getting more and more irritable.  Everything we did got on his nerves and he yelled at everybody.  One night he came totally unglued.  Bob was there, and Bob got him in a bear hug and laid him down across our bed.  Frank screamed curse words at him.  Said he hated us, he hated his sisters, his life was horrible, nobody loved him, he wanted to live somewhere else anywhere else, he didn’t care if it was a boys’ home, he was getting a job and moving out, we only adopted him for the monthly stipend  (whatever), he was leaving right then and there in the dark with only his shirt and shorts on, we beat him, his life was horrible.  The curse words that came out of his mouth were almost impressive.   During that go around, Frank had head-butted Bob and smashed his lips and nose.  At one point he yelled at Bob “I’m going to call 911 and get your ass thrown in JAIL.”  Do you see where this is going?????
We had several more minor incidents.  One day he got mad at me, and I made him go outside away from everybody.  I went back into the trailer house.  And when I left the room, Pepaw and Carrie heard glass shatter and Pepaw though he saw a shadow go towards the window.  Well there was only one person outside at the time and his name started with an F.  Bob came in late that night, so he didn’t know anything about it.
When he came home from work the next evening, he saw the glass.  He said simply “How did the window get broken?”  Frank went ballistic “I didn’t do anything.  I didn’t break it.  Everybody blames everything on ME.”  Bob was trying to take the girls to basketball practice.  Frank kept getting in his face.  Finally Bob pushed him down onto the couch to get him to quit.  I went out to the new house to see what had been done that day.  Bob took the girls to practice.  We thought it was a done deal.
Well about ten minutes later Bob calls me and says he got a text on his phone that someone on our cell phone plan had called 911.  He said “Did you call?”  I said “No and all the kids are with you?”  He said “Frank’s not with me.”  Oh, Crap!!!
When I had gone out to the new house and Bob had left to take the girls, Frank had run off into the woods in the night and called 911 and told them that we abused him.
So about 10 minutes later a Sheriff’s cruiser pulls up to our yard with Frank in the front seat.  A second deputy arrives at the house.  Bob comes home from practice. They take a statement from Bob, Frank and me.   They ask Pepaw and Carrie what they had heard and seen.
The deputy (bless his heart) told Frank that he didn’t see a mark on him nor any marks on anyone else in the family.  He chewed him out up one side and down the other.  He made a big show of giving me his number and told me that any time Frank acted up when Bob wasn’t there to give him a call.
Frank was a perfect angel for the next few weeks.  It sure wasn’t funny at the time.  But I hope ten years from now we’ll look back on this and we’ll laugh about the time Frank called 911 on us.

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