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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sassy's Babies

We woke up on Feb 1st to discover that our Siamese cat, Sassy, had given birth to five squirmy white kittens. They get their coloring as they get older. She gave birth to them in my nice white turkey serving platter that was stored in the bottom of a cabinet....yes I did wash it thoroughly after I moved the kittens to a nice warm box.

When they were a couple of days old, Frank called me at work. He's all frantic and he says "Mom, Mom. Guess what Sassy has done!!!" I thought OMG has she eaten a kitten or sat on one or something.
He said "She MOVED the kittens out of the box. She moved them behind the litter box all in a line!!!!" Should I put them back in the box?" I told him to leave them alone. It's not unusual for Momma cats to move their kittens. And she probably moved them because she thought we were bothering them too much.  I forget sometimes that my kids haven't been exposed to things like Momma cats and baby kittens.

Siamese cats actually have a form of Albanism. They have an enzyme that will not produce melantonin at body temperature. However in the cooler parts of the body, the fur darkens. That's why they have color on their feet, tails and ears....the cooler parts of the body. The reason they have black on their face is because the sinus/nasal cavities make the face cooler. Siamese cats in Northern climates will generally be darker than those in Southern climates. And as a cat ages he/she will also darken. This albanism gene is also what causes their eyes to be blue.

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