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Monday, February 13, 2012

Granny, What Big Ear Phones You Have.....

On Christmas Eve we went to Oklahoma and had a great Christmas with the Osborn family.  We gathered at my Uncle's Church.  My awesome Mom (Granny) has decided to train to become and EMT so she can help keep the ambulance service going in their small town. This isn't an easy thing to achieve, it takes 9 months and you have to take alot of hard tests.

Well my sister, JoLynn, bought my Mom and EMT kit for Christmas.  Granny got it out at the Osborn Family Christmas.  She was practicing on everyone, taking blood pressures and listening to hearts and lungs.  She got Madi stretched out on one of the tables and began "working on her".  Madi being the drama queen she is was playing at patient with a dramatic flare.

Well Libby comes along and starts pawing through all the pockets of Granny's red EMT bag.  I told her to quit that everything belonged in a spot and she would mess it all up.  She picked up Granny's stethoscope, put it in her ears and said......."Wow Granny, these are some really big ear phones you've got!!!"  She was dead serious.  I wanted to ask her if she thought that little round thing at the end was the newest Ipod. LOL.

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