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Monday, February 27, 2012

Will You Be My Valentine.....Early

After all of these years of parenting, my kids know me well.  This year Valentine's Day was on a Tuesday.  We all the stuff going on with work, building the house, helping my in-laws...I really hadn't given it much thought.  We make one trip to Walmart a week to buy groceries and it's usually on a Saturday or Sunday.  All special requests for the week should be put on "the list".  They know this.

Well Wednesday Feb 8th, Carlie comes up to me and says "Mom, my teacher told us today that we have to have our Valentines purchased and brought to school by Friday."  My first thought was "Crud, that's really short notice.  I'm going to have to make a special trip to Walmart because she (either Carlie or her teacher) didn't give me enough notice. 

Then I started to think about it.  "Carlie, Valentine's Day isn't until Tuesday.  Why do we have to have your Valentines to school by the Friday before?"  Carlie gives me a dead-pan innocent expression "I dunno.  That's just what she said."

I know there isn't something not quite right about this, but it's not clicking in my brain.  I'm still muttering to myself about having to make a mid-week trip to Walmart.  Then the tumblers click in my stressed out over worked brain.  Ahhhh.....

"Carlie, that's not logical.  Did your teacher REALLY say you had to have them by Friday?  Because you know I can email her and ask?"  Carlie replies "Wellllll, techincally that's not what she said.  But I thought if I gave you an earlier deadline....that would make sure that I had them on time for Valentine's Day!!!"

She knows me too well!!!

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