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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera - The Next Generation

I've been a hugh Phantom of the Opera fan since I was a teen. I've seen it live on stage a couple of times, loved the movie. Well yesterday I bought the 25th anniversary concert version on DVD. It is a live filming of a concert stage performance. Because of the location and the filming, it's not quite a complete stage set. But if you are a fan you've got to get a copy.

I've always been an u...nderdog fan so I would always cheer for the lonely Phantom. Carlie wanted to watch the DVD with me last night. So we watched it together in the dark. Now I must admit that Raul was drop dead gorgeous....but Carlie was immediately crazy about him. She told me he looked JUST LIKE Robert Pattison. Then the whole DVD she's cheering for Raul...I'm cheering for the Phantom.

Finally she goes "WHY would you even like the Phantom? He's ugly, he's very rude, and he keeps Christine transed all the time . The only reason she loves him a little bit is when he's got her transed."

Ahhhh my pragmatic daughter. I hope she marries a Raul someday!

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