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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Hate You, and I'm Going to Hump You.

Ahhh....my kids are all such characters. When JB came to live with us, his Lab-mix dog, named Bo, also came. We were upstairs the other day, and I heard my little boy yell "Mom, Bo is humping one of the stuffed animals." My first thought was "Ewwwww!" My second thought was "Hmmm....I didn't realize he knew that word."

Well Libby got mad at Ms. Loretta yesterday and told her "I hate you and I'm going to HUMP you!!!!" Loretta said "Libby POOL!!! Do you even know what that means???" Libby said that no, she didn't know, but Frank piped up "I do. I do. I know what it means. It means you want to make a baby with someone!"

He told me later that Krystal, the neighbor girl had supplied him with that information. I guess it's time for me to sit them down and have the birds and bees talk with them.

I'm going to a funeral today. One of my co-workers lost her 43 year old son to colon cancer on Saturday. It doesn't matter how old your kids are, a mother's love is still the same.


5150 said...

BIPP!! how cool. sighn me up...rusty-

ya gotta go back n post the ome about your son on the hood of the car...priceless.

moose7268 said...

Yes, these are quite funny.

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