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Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Misfire

So it's really hard for me to work full time, and keep up with five kids and two adults and all of their various appointments. My new BlackBerry I got through work helps alot. So I was proud of myself that my alarm went off on the BlackBerry this morning telling me that Carlie and I had an appointment at the Dentist at 8:30 am.

Bless her heart, she's so excited to go to the dentist and to have some Mommy time. I get her booster seat into my Solstice and get her all buckled in. She chattered non-stop the whole way there. She remember's the last dentist appointment six months ago very clearly...even to the details of the toy lizard she got when she was done and the color of her free toothbrush.

We walk into the Dentist's office only to find out the appointment had been previously rescheduled to Monday the 3rd. I have no idea if they called me, and I didn't get it changed on my calendar or not.

Carlie was very disappointed to not get to see the dentist today. To cheer her up, we stopped by a convenience store and each got a Pop and some Candy. She was happy after that. She put her Mountain Dude in the cup holder on her booster seat and away we went back home.

Speaking of Carlie, last week she came to me to get my help putting on a night gown. My Mom Radar went off because I'd already put a night gown on her once that evening. I asked her WHY she was changing her night gown. She thinks about it a second then says "Well, I just came out of a very wet situation!!" Apparently she'd gotten the other one wet while cleaning up the water she'd spilled on the bathroom floor. My little one has a way with words!!!!

1 comment:

JoLynn said...

I hope Carlie explained her nightgown situation to you very sloooooowwwly so you could understand!!

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