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Friday, February 29, 2008

Well I Embarrassed my Teenager AGAIN!!

I really didn't mean to this time. His cell phone is broken. If he tries to use the phone in the normal way, no one can hear him. But he figured out that if he uses the speaker phone option, then he can make it work.

This means that he can no longer have private cell phone conversations.

Well his curfew on school nights is 10pm. He stayed out til 10pm on Wednesday night. And he was out again last night (Thursday). So I called him on his phone to ask what he was doing, and if he'd applied for any jobs that day.

I told him that I'd like for him to come home before 10pm. He asked why. So in my cutest Mom voice I said "Because I like to see your handsome face sometimes!!!" Welllll....he had me on speaker phone, and was apparently within earshot of several of his friends. They then proceeded to make fun of him....or rather ME. LOL.

Poor kid. Of course, then he couldn't come home before 9:55pm and still save face. So I didn't see him until late last night. He didn't pitch a conniption fit though. Just told me that all his friends had heard what I said and gave him a hard time.

TGIF. Saturday is our last set of Basketball games.

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