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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mother Knows Best

I think sometimes when I talk about how smart Carlie is, people assume that I am just a starry-eyed bragging Mom. And Okay, somewhat I am!!! But she IS really smart.

I had her parent teacher conference a few days ago for Pre-School. She's doing so much better socially.....she's minding the teacher....no longer throwing tantrums at school. And I was really glad to hear that. Carlie tends to be a non-conformist.

They say she's really bright and show me where they have tested her and she knows all the letters and sounds, etc. I ask the teacher if she ever had any time in the class to work with Carlie on her level. The teacher looks at me kind of funny and asks what I'm talking about. And I say "Well she's reading really well. Do you get a chance to work with her at all on her reading?" She looks at me and goes "She can read?" Uhhh, well yeah. She's been reading since her third birthday. The teacher goes on to tell me that Carlie often sits quietly in the corner and looks at books, but she's just looking at the pictures, not reading them. So I encourage her to have Carlie read to her out loud sometime. I can tell by the look that the teacher is giving me that she doesn't believe me.

So I get a call yesterday from the Pre-School. "Mrs. Pool, I had Carlie read to me today. And she can read very HARD books!!" So, I'm thinking to myself....Ummm....well yes, I knew this already. She hasn't just been looking at the pictures all this time. LOL. She reads on a 2nd grade level.

She can read things that I really wish she couldn't. She chased me down with the Sunday paper this weekend to excitedly show me an advertisement and explain to me that Chuck E Cheese is running a special where you buy two large pizzas and get 40 free tokens, and we should go right away!!!!

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