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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Cemetery Party

Bob's family has a private family cemetery out in the country at Redden, Oklahoma.

The property has the original one room school house where many of the older generation when to school. Every year on Memorial Day weekend, the family gathers for a big reunion. When Frank and Libby were little they called it "The Cemetery Party". It made sense to them, we went to the cemetery and had a big party!!! There is always lots and lots of food, lots and lots of kids and lots of fun.

This year it was a little sad as Uncle Paul passed away last December. His wife and kids and grandkids didn't attend this year as the memories were just too hard. And we missed them.

This year for our vacation, we camped for a week at the family's private camp ground. We got to fish, swim in the lake and eat lots of junk food. Mom even got to sleep in most days!!!

One day Libby, Carlie and I went fishing with Pepaw on the boat. One of the distant cousins who is Frank's age went with us. The kids were getting restless and bored. Carlie was whinning to go home. I told her if she didn't quit whinning, I was going to throw her in the lake to cool her off. Well Nick said HE wanted to be thrown in the lake and stared whinning like Carlie. About that time Pepaw pulled in one of his jug lines and it had a dead Gar on it. If you aren't from Oklahoma a Gar is a long skinny fish that has a long snout with lots and lots of sharp teeth. It's very scary looking. I told Nick that if he got in that water one of those Gar would bite his ying-yang off. Carlie was listening quietly and piped up "Yeah, and then that would turn you into a girl and you'd have a VAGINA!!!" Pepaw laughed and laughed.

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Jayce Tohline said...

I went to first grade in a little two-room schoolhouse in the plains of Colorado. One teacher, 6 grades. We were the largest class, with 7 children. 6 Boys and 1 girl.

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