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Sunday, June 22, 2008

You aren't a real Dad until you've been puked on!

Father's Day was just a week or so ago, and I want to take a moment to brag on my husband. Bob was about 33 when we met. He'd never been married. He'd spent his whole life focus on sports and coaching.

We met in September 2000, got engaged in November 2000. Got married June 3, 2001 and got Frank and Libby July 17, 2001. We'd barely been married a month. within a year Bobby went from being a committed bachelor to being married with two kids.

Madi came along in April 2002, and Carlie in March of 2003. In two and a half year, he went from being single to being married with four small kids!!! That couldn't have been an easy adjustment.

When we first got Frank and Libby, Libby would eat anything and everything in sight. She would scavenge for food in the trash cans, under the couch, anywhere she could find it. She would also sometimes eat until she threw up.

We'd only had them a few weeks when we decided to go eat Mexican food and then go to Walmart. Libby ate and ate. When we got to the store, Bob and I each put a kid in a shopping cart. I had Frank in my cart and he had Libby in his. He said he was going to take Libby and go look in the sporting goods section.

He'd only been gone a few minutes when he showed back up at my side with a look of panic and disgust on his face. The first thing out of his mouth was "What do I DO???" He'd been pushing Libby in the cart and she'd leaned forward and puked all over his feet. He was wearing flip-flops!!!

So I'm standing in the middle of Walmart with a 2 year old covered in puke and a husband covered in puke. Bob took Frank and went into the mens room to wash off his feet and shoes. I bought Libby a new set of clothes and paid for them in layaway, then took her into the bathroom and changed her clothes.

And I told Bob that he was now officially a Dad, as he'd been puked on!!!

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