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Monday, June 16, 2008

Opera Girls

For some reason, both Madi and Carlie have decided recently that they are Opera Stars. They have learned to sing with vibrato, and now feel the need to sing everything instead of speak it. So now conversations in our house often sound like this.

Mom: Madi, please set the table.

Madi: OKKKKKAYYYYY! Okay, Okay, OKKKAAAAYYYY! I WILLLL Set the taaabbbbblllle."

Carlie: "But I want to set it TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I said it FIRRRRRSSTTTT."

Mom: It's a one person job, Carlie. I asked Madi to set it.

Carlie: "Then can I please go outtttsiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!"

Mom: Why are you singing everything?

Carlie: Well, its Opera, you are opposed (supposed) to SING everything. (Accompanied by her best Duh look)

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