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Friday, June 27, 2008

Snack Wars – Part II

The next issue we had with snacks was over snacks stored out in the garage. I have a shelf that sits in the garage right outside the door to the kitchen. When I have extra food items, I’ll sometimes store them out there.

I had purchased a case of apple sauce in individual containers from Sam’s Club and stuck them out on the shelf. Then one day in the garage, I notice that there are empty apple sauce containers out there.

I’m telling my Mom on the phone about the empty containers I found. She always tries to stick up for Frank and Libby. So she says “Well maybe some mice got into your garage and ate the apple sauce.” Ummmm….last time I checked Mom, mice don’t use red plastic spoons to eat apple sauce!!!!

So that evening, the whole family is in the kitchen area getting ready for dinner. I casually mention to my husband “Bob, be sure that you don’t give any of that apple sauce out in the garage to the kids, because I accidentally dumped a bunch of it in the cat litter and got cat pee on it. I’m going to throw it away.” Frank and Libby’s eyes got as huge as saucers. And I haven’t had any trouble with them taking snacks out of the garage since then.

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