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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Imaginary Friends

Some people’s children HAVE imaginary friends. My child WAS an imaginary friend for a while. I was concerned for a little while that she might have the beginnings of Multiple Personality Disorder!

Last summer Carlie had just turned four. Our Nanny at the time (Loretta) would tell Carlie stories about things her children had done when they were little. Some of Carlie’s favorite stories were about Loretta’s daughter named Krissy.

So there for a while… Carlie BECAME Krissy. When we were talking to her, we never knew if we were talking to Carlie or Krissy. Krissy was 15 years old, and Krissy was Carlie’s cousin. Carlie liked Mac & Cheese, but Krissy did not. Krissy liked to play on the swing set, but Carlie was afraid of heights.

If Carlie was in her Krissy persona, then she would not respond to the name Carlie. So I’d holler “Carlie, it’s time for dinner.” And Carlie would just sit there like she hadn’t heard me. If I stepped it up and raised my voice, she’d cut her eyes over at me and ask why I was calling her Carlie when her name was Krissy.

If we asked Carlie to come inside and take a bath, we’d be informed that “Krissy” didn’t like to take bathes. Krissy should also have a later bedtime because she was after all, fifteen!

It was an interesting summer, and like most imaginary friends, Krissy finally disappeared

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