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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Late For Work

We have never let any of our kids go to bed with us. But since she has been out of a baby bed, Carlie has snuck into our bed during the middle of the night.

The first full Monday of my new job started out at a really rough time for my family. It was also second week of high school morning basketball practice. So Bob was getting up at 5am, getting Frank and Libby up at 5am as well. And our whole morning routine was different.

Because we have half our stuff at the farm and half our stuff at the house in town, we only have one alarm clock.

Be patient...I'm setting the scene....all three of these things come together.

Because as a part of our "new" morning routine...Bob set his alarm for 5am, got up and then reset the alarm for me for 6am (because we only have one alarm clock). This had been working pretty well....until Monday morning.

I am sleeping like the dead. I vaguely hear the alarm clock buzz two times and then it stops. I sit up in bed just in time to see Carlie hitting the snooze button!!!

I look at the clock at it is 6:37am!!!! She has been hitting the snooze every few minutes since 6am. And I have to leave the house at 7am to make it to work on time.

I start shrieking and throwing on clothes. I asked her WHY she'd hit the snooze button and she said "Well, I was still sleepy!!!!"

I made it to work on time, but only because I was speeding!

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