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Monday, December 13, 2010

I can bring home the bacon...du dum da du

fry it up in a pan.....

Last night Frank and I went out to the trailer to take care of the animals. Frank went into the house to water the cat, and there was no water anywhere in the trailer. I hadn't paid the rural water bill last month so I was HOPING they had shut off the water since it's been about -87 degrees....well maybe 20 something.

So I went to work this morning and called rural water...and she said "No dear, we didn't turn it off...your pipes are frozen." I called my Dad and he said I'd have to call a plumber and that I'd probably have busted pipes when they unfroze.

I called at least 7 plumbers and all were booked until Wednesday or Thursday. So I went out there myself. I removed a wedge of the trailer house skirting until I found where the water came into the trailer. Sure enough it was not wrapped like it should have been. I drug an extension cord around there and a hair dryer….shimmed under the trailer with it.

While I was out there, I had let our half grown bird dog puppies out of their pen to stretch their legs. So I got the pipe unthawed and miraculously there didn’t appear to be any leaks, and the water in the trailer came back on. Hurrah for me!!! I drove to the nearest hardware store and got fiberglass wrap to wrap the pipe up. I get back to the trailer and shimmy back underneath it.

I’m all the way under there with only my boots sticking out. I’m stretching to wrap the fiber glass around the pipe and concentrating and something grabbed my booted foot that was sticking out from under the trailer and pulled. I shrieked and promptly hit my head on the beams under the trailer. It was one of the puppies pulling on my boot. I finished the job and proudly (there was my mistake) put the skirting back up around the trailer.

The puppies had also run off with one of my gloves and I found that. I made sure I had my keys before I locked up the trailer and checked for my Blackberry…it was missing. Sure enough, I had to crawl back under the trailer to retrieve it.

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