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Monday, December 27, 2010

It all started with cake balls......

Carlie was really sick the week before Christmas. She ran a fever for several days. Granny came to the house one day to stay with her. She cooked chicken and noodles for us, and made rice krispie treats and also the new "cake balls". You make a cake, crumble it up and mix it with cream cheese. Then roll them into balls and dip them in amlond bark.

That Sunday Madi had asked if she could take a cake ball in the car with her to church. I said okay. On the way to church I looked in the back seat and Madi had a tupper ware container full of cake balls, rice krispies and candy!! How did we get from one cake ball to THAT.

So I forgot about it.

Then Christmas Eve night we are going to the Osborn family Christmas in Wetumka, OK. Right before town, there was a highway patrol check point. There were several patrol cars there and they were pulling people over to the side of the road. The kids' eyes were wide. As we rolled down the window and the Officer asked for Bob's license and insurance the kids start pelting us with questions from the peanut gallery. "Wow, why are all these police here?" "Why are they pulling people off the road?" "Were you speeding Dad?" "What's a DUI mean?" I glare at them, as I am digging the insurance out of the glove box, but the officer must have heard them.

He said "Kiddos what I'm really doing is pulling people over, and everyone that I pull over has to give me a cake or pastry for Christmas. That's how I'm getting my Christmas dinner?" "You got any cakes or pies back there?"

Crickets chirp in the peanut gallery. No we don't have any cakes or pies...what are we going to do? Then Madi pipes up "Well I don't have any cakes or pies, but I have some old cake balls you can have!!!!" And she whips out the tupperware container out from under her seat (that had been there at least a week).

The officer quickly backed away from the car and said "Oh no, that's alright...you folks go ON...go on and have a MERRRY Christmas!!"

So the next time you get pulled over by a highway patrol just offer him some old cake balls, and he'll run for the hills!!!!

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