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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Many Babies Will You Have????

When I was in school we always had several kinds of games that would predict how many kids you would have and if they would be boys or girls. One involved holding a pencil tied to a string over the victim's...er person's wrist.

Well I periodically ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up...what kind of person will you marry....how many kids will you have? I get answers that aren't typical since our family has been blessed with adoption, foster care and natural children...anyway I digress.

I asked Carlie the other morning how many kids she was going to have. She thinks about it and says "Wellll....I guess four." I told her "Just because I have four kids doesn't mean you have to have four." She said "Oh!! I just thought you got what you got."

So I told her that you can't get pregnant unless you have sex. And we believe that you shouldn't have sex until after you are married. And besides that, after you are married there are things called birth control that can help you have children when you are ready for them."

She says "Oh" and thinks about it a minute. Then she says "Well what about Lena then. I KNOW she told me when I was five, that she was NEVER gonna have kids....and now she's got one in her belly? How did that happen?"

Hmmm...er...choke....."Well, I think she changed her mind." Carlie goes "Well I'm almost pretty positive she said she didn't want any and now she's gonna get one."

Then I told Carlie "If Lena couldn't parent her baby (she'll be a single Mom without much help from the Dad) then she could place the baby for adoption. And we know all about that...right? So I'm pretty sure she changed her mind."

She goes "Well I guess so." But I still don't think she was satisfied.

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