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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carlie put on her Towanda Suit....

So the whole next day we still couldn't find Duff. He was under the trailer somewhere...we could hear him. Bob told Carlie and Libby that they needed to get under there and find him for me. Libby told Carlie that she'd pay her $5 if she'd go under there by herself. So Carlie went under there two different times but couldn't find him.

When I got home they tried one more time. Carlie got way back under the trailer. She had Libby's flip-flop to kill spiders and a knife to cut away the lining of the trailer house ('cause we thought that's where Duff was). She was crawling along when suddenly she sees the lining bounce down because Duff was walking above her head. So she used the knife and cut a hole in the lining. And she starts yelling..."I can see 'im....I can see 'im!!!" She cuts another bigger hole and starts pulling out pieces of fiberglass. Then the hole is big enough that she sticks her whole head and arms up there. She grabs him by the head and pulls him out!!!

She starts hollering and yelling. She said "That is the most extraordinary thing I've done in FIVE YEARS!!!!"

She was so excited. So I took her and Libby for a treat. They wanted to go to the convenience store. Libby just got a drink since all she did was direct and cheer. Carlie got a drink AND a snack. She picked out a giant bag of beef jerky.

I was proud of my girls. AND I got my cat back. Made up for that bad day the day before.

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