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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fishing and Camping with Granny and Papaw

Man up!!! It takes a real man to get his daughter's fish off the hook.

Granny took the kids fishing for the first time last week. Carlie was the only girl who would put worms on the hook. To break the worms into pieces for the hooks, she would wind a section of worm around a finger on each hand and pull. When I told her that was gross she said "What...its just worm poop!!!"

Notice the worm breaking technique

She asked Granny if she could fish from those things in the the "cackle box" instead of fishing with worms.

The Cacklebox

Last night Carlie hooked Madi in the butt, whapped Frank on the arm with her pole when she cast it, and then hit Bob smack in the nose with a wad of worms on the end of her pole. Luckily the hook didn't get him in the nose!

A nibble

They spent the night in the camper with Granny and Papaw. Bob and I went back to the house to sleep. This morning, Libby was killing flies in the trailer with the fly swatter and she slapped at a fly on the ceiling and it went right in Papaw's mouth! Yummmmm....extra protein!!!

At the end of the day a rainbow came out over the lake

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