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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Late and Lost

Well we finished up the basketball games today at Douglas. Libby had one game and Frank had two. The schedule said Libby's game was at Noon. Frank's started at 9am. The phone rings at 7:50am and the Coach wants to know if we remembered that her game had been moved to 8am!!! Ummm....the answer to that would be "NO!" We got her there at half time, so she got to play the last half of the game.

Frank played both of his games. When we got ready to leave, Carlie was missing!!! We looked outside the doors we'd come in, looked in the bathroom and couldn't find her. Finally after enlisting other parents to help we found her outside of one of the other doors. That kid can disappear faster than a snowall in July!!! She'll be five in two weeks!!

JB got a job at the Turnpike McDonalds for $7 something an hour. He starts on Tuesday.

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