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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Frank's Revenge

At one point we have two little foster boys named Dodge and Caleb. We were considering adopting them along with their two younger brothers. Dodge was 6, Caleb was 5, and Frank was 4.

One day they were playing out in the back yard. Like typical boys, Dodge and Caleb were poking Frank with a stick. I went out there and made them stop and had them apologize. I thought it was all over and done with.

We'd just moved into a new house, and I didn't have all of the beds put up yet, so Dodge and Caleb were sleeping on a pallette in the bedroom. When they got ready to go to bed that night, they came and got me and told me that their covers were all wet. I didn't really believe them, but I went in there to check and sure enough there was a big wet spot in the middle. At first I thought one of the cats had gotten in there and peed on the blankets, but I smelled of it and it smelled like HUMAN pee, not cat pee. So I lined them all up, and Frank confessed that he had done it because he was mad at them.

After we got all the beds set up, in one room we had bunkbeds along one wall and a full bed along the opposite wall. I walked into the room, and Frank was on the top of the bunkbed, peeing in an arc right into the middle of Dodge and Caleb's bed!! I made him change all of their covers!!!

Fast forward a few weeks, and he got mad at ME. So instead of standing in front of the toliet and peeing into it, he stood on the toliet and peed all along the back wall. So I got him a bucket and some soap and made him clean up the mess himself. Then I told him "Son, if you don't stop peeing on things...I...AM....GOING....TO...CUT....IT.....OFF!!!!!"

I'm not sure if it was the threat or the fact that he had to clean up his own pee, but one of the two worked, and he never peed on anything again.

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