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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mornings at our House Just STINK.

Maybe it's just a normal thing with four kids so close together in age, but our mornings are just consistently difficult.

Bob gets up at 5am. The rest of us get up at 6am. We have to leave the house by 7:20am. That gives us nearly an hour and a half. We are constantly yelling at kids to get moving, get your clothes on, get your shoes on, get back OUT of that bed. Did you brush your teeth? Is your lunch packed? Where are you book bags and coats?

Someone is ALWAYS missing their shoes, their glasses, their homework or their band instrument.

Someone is ALWAYS bawling (and its usually not me). And the four kids are ALWAYS fighting. They fight over the remote. They fight when Libby tries to boss the others. They fight because one of the girls looks at Frank cross eyed.

Carlie threw a fit this morning because she didn't want to wear a PINK coat.

I had to give all four kids medicine this morning for various reasons. Madi said her stomach was hurting. Frank had a stuffy nose, and Libby's teeth were hurting because she pulled off two of her caps this weekend. Carlie NEEDED the medicine because I stayed home sick with her yesterday, and she refused to take it. So I had to force it down her.

I was scrambling this morning trying to find the ingredients for Libby's science experiment.

I'm just at a loss for how to make our mornings smooth and cooperative.

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pharker said...

If you ever figure it out, let me know, because my boys are 15 & 17 and we are still going through that ritual. This morning, I looked in the mirror and I know I'm getting premature wrinkles.
Love, Paula Harker

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