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Friday, November 14, 2008

Lippy in Kindergarten

When I get home from work I always ask the kids about their day "Who did you play with?" "What did you learn?" "Did you get into any trouble?" "How did you do on your AR Test?"

I've been trying to tell them at school that if they'll keep Carlie busy she'll cause alot less trouble. When I went to her 9 weeks Parent Teacher Conference, she had already completed every single task required of Kindergarten.

If she's good all day she can earn a maximum of three stars for her chart. I asked her last week if she'd gotten all of her stars that day and she said "Yes, but then at the end of the day I had to take one back off!!!" She said she wouldn't stop talking at the end of class so "Mrs. Smith made me take off one of my stars and gave me a WHOLE BUNCH of Hard Fun Sheets that I have to do now" Ahhh HA. So they finally figured it out.

I asked her yesterday if she got into any trouble and she burst into tears. She said she got all three stars, but she repeated over and over that she couldn't tell me why she'd gotten in trouble because then I'd be mad at her. There was ONE bratwurst left over from dinner last night, and that is her absolute favorite food in the world. I told her that if she told me what happened at school she could have that brat for dinner, but if she didn't then I was going to let Bob eat. Still she wouldn't tell. Finally she let Bob get the brat all the way to his mouth and she goes "All right. All right. I'll TELL!!!! I got lippy with Mrs. Stepp. Okay!!!!"

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