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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Talk at School (aka Poor Frank)

This year Frank is in 5th grade, and it's the year they have "The Talk" at school about the birds and bees. Frank is still at an age where girls are gross and any talk about sex is just plain "nasty". Poor Frank, having three younger sisters, he had to go through this first. Libby would have LOVED to go. She can't wait.

In Wichita they have some kind of place set up where all the local schools take their kids to learn about puberty. They go on a "field trip". I was emailing my Mom and Sister about this and JoLynn replies "Where on earth do you go for a "field trip" to learn about sex?"

They seperate the boys from the girls, but both groups learned the same things.

Frank was sooo funny when he came home and told us about it. He was absolutely mortified. He said that "the lady" made them say the words Penis and Vagina "Out Loud". Can you imagine such a horror?

He said he learned all about periods and those gross things that girls have to use call "Tipons" and Pads.

He said they had a plastic vagina that they showed them (only trying to imagine here what that looked liked. LOL.) And "real life" pictures.

I asked Frank if they talked about sex. He just rolled his eyes and said "No, that's for next year". (Snicker.)

Now keep in mind that Bob teaches abstenance/health at school. And that Frank has a hard time dealing with stressful stituations. So we decided we'd better talk to Frank ahead of time about what he'd be learning. So he'd be prepared.

I enjoyed listening to Bob talk to Frank. He was really good with him, and very factual. But I think maybe he DID take it a step too far, because he got on the internet and made Frank look at pictures of male "equipment" that had been infected with STDs. Frank was horribly grossed out. And I told Bob "I hope you didn't scare him with those pictures into being gay!"

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