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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Typical Week

I thought I'd give a run-down of a typical week for us right now.

On Monday, Lena takes Frank and Libby to piano lessons after school. I pick them up on my way home and drop Frank off at football practice which goes from 6-8pm. Bob had JV Football and didn't get home until after 8pm.

Tuesday I had to leave work early to be at a school conference about his behavior that was from 4-5pm and Frank had practice from 6-8pm. Bob got home around 7pm.

Wednseday morning was the A/B Honor Roll Breakfast for Frank and Libby. We had to be there at 7:30am, and I was late to work. Wednesday is also dance/tumble cheer day. Lena takes them at 4:45pm, and I drive from work to the El Dorado YMCA and pick them up. They are done by 6pm, and we get home around 6:30pm. We carved our jack-o-lantern when we got home. Frank did not get to help with this because he acted up at school and had to spend his entire evening doing school work he refused to do at school. Bob got home about 8pm.

Thursday, Frank has an appointment with his counselor from 6-7pm at Augusta. My Mother In Law is driving up from Oklahoma today. She and Lena are taking the girls to Bob's football game (which also happens to be in Augusta). I'm going to take Frank to his counseling and then meet them there.

Friday is Halloween, so we'll be Trick-or-Treating. The girls get to wear their costumes to school. So I have to make sure they have them on in the morning and also have a bag of clothes to change in to after the parade. Oh and Madi needs $7 in cash by Friday too for a project...gotta remember to send that with her.

Saturday is Frank's Football Bowl. His first game is in Newton at 9:45am. If he wins that game, he plays again at 2 something. If he loses it he plays again at 6 something. If his team makes it to the finals they'll play on Sunday too.

If Bob wins his game on Thursday, they'll go to the play offs on Tuesday night at Andover. Can't imagine them winning that one, so then we'll be done.

We have about a week off before basketball season starts. Bob is Asst Coaching the High School girls this year, and all four of my kids are playing Rec Basketball on Four different teams. Not sure yet how I'm going to manage that one. I didn't think Carlie would want to play as she's more an intellectual than an athelete. But she is insisting that tough girls play basketball and she's going to play. I told her there would be running involved, but she still insisting!!!

They say that there is no rest for the wicked, so I must be REEEEAAALY bad!!!!

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