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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bed Wetting Alarm

My newphew Parker came to the house last night for a visit. The kids really enjoyed playing with him, especially Frank. My sister let me borrow a bed wetting alarm that she used with Parker. Madi was actually really excited about it, and she couldn't wait to hook it up and go to bed last night.

In order to get it to work, we had to put a pair of panties on her, put the sensors in place, then put on a pull up. The instructions says that the alarm should wake up both the child and the parent.

Granny sent me an email last night and asked if it worked. I told her "The alarm went off twice…once at 9:50 right before I went to bed, and again at 2am. She screamed bloody murder both times. LOL. The alarm didn’t wake me up, but her screaming did!!!"

I woke up at 2am from a deep sleep by a child's hysterical screaming, so I get a huge adrenaline rush. I'm blind as a bat without my contacts, so I fumble my way down the hall to her room. And the dang thing doesn't have an off button. So to make it stop alarming we have to take off the wet pull up and underwear and unsnap the sensors. Madi is on the top bunk of the bunkbed screaming. I can't get her to understand that she has to come down from the bunk bed so that I can get the sensors off so that the alarm will go off. It took me about 5 minutes (but it seemed like an hour) to get her to understand.

Well see how it goes tonight!!! Yawwwwn.

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