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Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Dinner - Interrupted

Frank had his yearly athletic physical on Friday, and they gave him three shots. Saturday morning, he woke up saying his head hurt really badly. Saturday night I decided to cook a nice family meal. So we had lasagna (okay, it came frozen out of a box, so what!) and corn and fruit. I fixed everyone a big plate. Frank only ate a couple of bites and since he wasn't feeling well I didn't make him eat.

He went into the kitchen and proceeded to hurl into the kitchen trashcan right in front of us all. I looked at my barely touched plate of food....looked up at the ceiling and thought "I need to set a good example by continuing to eat my food". I looked back down and met Carlie's eyes and she said "Well I just lost MY appetite." Well said Carlie. We all just got up and put our half eaten plates in the sink.

Must have been the shots because thankfully no one else got sick.

1 comment:

pharker said...

You might mention it to your doctor in case it was an allergic reaction to one of the shots or something. Hopefully, he felt better afterwards even though no one else did. :)

Love your posts! Paula

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