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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Yin to my Yang

The Great One produces the two poles (Heaven and Earth), which in turn give rise to the energies of the dark (yin) and the light (yang). These two energies then transform themselves, one rising upwards, and the other descending downwards; they merge again and give rise to form. (Lu-sih ch'un-ch'iu - Spring and Autumn Annals)

Bob always tells me "Julie, you're the yin to my yang!!!" Every once in a while I mutter back "Maybe I want to be the YANG!!!"

In so many ways we are opposites. He's an optimist and I'm a pessimist. He is social and I am introverted. He's laid back and easy going, and I'm...uh....NOT. But one of the most annoying differences is that he is a MORNING Person.

He bounces out of bed at 5:30am. He starts making the rounds of the house, pulling children out of their bed by whatever body part is hanging out of the covers. Often he is belting out in his best Opera Imitation "Getttt UPPPPPP. Time to get UUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!" I lay in my bed thinking "PLLEEEZE make it STTTTOOOOPPPP!!!"

I often have to sit on the side of the bed for five minutes with my eyes shut before I slink to the kitchen to fix myself a Diet Pepsi. Then I run a hot bath in the whirlpool and soak in there for 30 minutes with my eyes closed. I don't want anyone to talk to me or even look at me until the caffeine has kicked in.

Occasionally, Bob will forget what he's learned in 8+ years of marriage...and he will dart by me and fluff my hair, or give me a big wet smack on the cheek or yell something in my ear. This earns him

"The Look of Death".

I'd love to be a morning person. I really would. Every single day that I have to get up before 10am is just an incredibly painful process. Unfortunately for Carlie, she has inherited this from me. We huddle together in the mornings in silence just daring anyone with our eyes to touch us or say anything to us.

This morning Carlie (who loves to go to school) wailed. "Why can't EVERY day be a weekend!!!!" Amen, Sister.

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