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Monday, August 17, 2009

Manic Monday

Wow. School starts on Wednesday, so today was our "dry run" to practice getting everyone into a routine. There was much screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and it wasn't all from me.

Memaw and Pepaw are staying with us the next few days because we didn't have a babysitter. Madi wailed for close to an hour that she couldn't get up because she got NO sleep last night because Memaw snored all night.

Libby bawled for an hour because her contacts hurt when she put them in....she wailed and screamed. I wouldn't let her take them out. Frank got in trouble for shoving Libby....couldn't hardly blame him....I wanted to shove her too.

The only one who had a great morning was Carlie. Tonight is the Meet Your Teacher day. She woke me up at 4am asking if it was time to get up yet. I told her no...and she preceded to wake me up every thirty minutes until 6am asking the same question. At 6am....when I got up.....she sprang out of bed tearing around the house getting her clothes on and eating breakfast. She was ready to go at 6:15am....a world record for her.

I got to work and had to wait for a train to go by. While I was waiting and thunderstorm hit. I had an umbrella, so I decided I could run in from the parking lot. The sidewalk was flooded and by the time I made it to the office I was literally soaked to the skin from the waist down. I was so soaked that the vitamins in my pocket were melted.

I was freezing to death, so after it stopped raining I ran over to Kohls and got dry shoes, socks and pants. What a way to start the week!!!!

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