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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cleaning the Kitchen When the Kids were Little

This was written when Frank was 5, Libby was 4, Madi was 2 and Carie was a newborn.

We have been cleaning the kitchen. We had so much fun. I gave Frank, Libby and Madi all wipes and they wiped down EVERYTHING. I get the cheap orange spray at the Dollar Store for a $1 for a big bottle. We used about half of one. LOL. Madi was right in the middle saying *I want some spray. I want some spray.* Then I got out the mops. I had two good ones. So I used one, and I set the timer on the stove for five minutes. So they each got to mop five minutes, and the one who wasn't mopping got to water my flowers.

Now my kitchen is sparkly clean. I didn't want to mess the floors up, so I sent the big kids outside to eat with a picnic.

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