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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What it takes to get a smart kid to eat dinner

Every family has a kid who won’t eat. My kid brother had not eaten voluntarily in over three years. - A Christmas Story

Carlie is our child who won't eat at the dinner table. Last night, she was refusing to eat as always....the meat tasted yucky, the corn had juice in it, etc, etc.

So Libby says "Mom, can I only eat 95% of my food and still get dessert?" And I see the lights go off in Carlie's head. She wants to know what percentage of food is remaining on HER plate, and I say "Oh, about 90% of it." So she wolfs down the rest of her Mac and Cheese and wants to know what percent is left. I tell her that about 75% is still left. At this point she stops a minute to negotiate with me. She says "If I eat 80% of my food, can I have dessert?" So I tell her that 80% will work. So she continues to take a bite of this and a bite of that asking me after each bite what percent is remaining. Whew!!! I actually got most of a meal down her. Thanks, Libby!!!

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