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Thursday, August 14, 2008

False Teeth

My Dad (Papaw) has had dentures for about a year now. He's occassionally taken them out and chased the kids around the house with them...as my own Grandpa Cass used to do with me.

My Mom just got dentures a few weeks ago. She's been a bit more vane with hers and didn't want the kids to see her without them in. I don't think I even mentioned to my kids that Granny was getting new dentures.

She watched them for us the other day, and she said she was careful to never let the kids see her without them. But one day Carlie (out of the corner of her eye) caught Granny putting them in. She looked at Granny like she was crazy and said "WHY on EARTH are you putting Papaw's teeth in YOUR mouth!!!!"

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