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Friday, November 11, 2011

Contractual Agreements!

Carlie got a new pair of glasses at the beginning of the school year.  Her vision wasn't horrible, but she did need some.  So I took her to pick out a nice pink pair.  Within the third week of school someone had stepped on them and smashed them.

Being the bad Mom that I am....I couldn't ever remember to order her a new pair.  So Monday, she got frustrated with me and she presented a "Contractual Agreement" for me to sign.

"I Julie K Pool will get Carlie Pool a pair of glasses by Saturday"  with signature lines for each of us.   She persisted until I signed it.   Today was Friday....I still hadn't ordered them yet.   My phone chirps when I get a Facebook Message.  Mine chirped at work today.  When I looked of Facebook, I see the following.

Carlie Mae Pool

mom I need you to get me glasses

Julie Morgan Pool

Thanks for the reminder :o)

Julie Morgan Pool

I ordered them!

I stopped what I was doing right then and there and picked up the phone and ordered a new pair.  I made my deadline......barely.   Maybe she'll be a lawyer some day??

5 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Carlie Mae Pool no

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