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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Libby Regarding the Coolest Place on Earth

The coolest place that I have ever been is Granny + papaws house. I like my granny + pawpaw's house because when I am there it is fun. Another thang is that I have my own refrigorater and I can get whatever I want out of it. In my refrigorater is all diffarent tipe like lunchables. In the freezer is popsycles. I get to eat whatever I want out of the frige + freezer because it is mine.

My granny and pawpaw's house is the coolest place because I get almost everythang I want, 1 is I got my own school set 2. I got my own cooking set 3. I am a queen.  I love my granny + pawpaw because they give me almost everythang.

My granny + pawpaw's house is the best.  I get to play my granny's laptop.  I get to sleep in my pawpaw's big and comphy chair.  I get to watch what I want to.  I get to have my friends over.

My granny's house is the best house.  I get to play bord games and get to do puzzles.  I love my granny's house because it is fun and there is alot of stuff to do there.  I love my grann and my pawpaw.

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