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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Libby's View on Family

I was looking for some paper and picked up a spiral notebook and found this.  They were dated Aug and Sept 2009.  Libby would have just started 5th grade.

All About My Family

My Mom's side lives in Madison a small town.  My Dad's side lives in the country in Savanna Oklahoma.  On my Mom's side I get mostly what I want.  And I get paid.  On my dad's side of the family I still almost get what I want.

On my mom's side I am spoledd.  I get paid, I get a wii all to myself.  I can eat what ever I want.  My mom's Dad has a cool chair that I get to sleep in when ever I want.  My Granny tot me how to sow like 2 years ago.  I enterd a geen contest for how ever had the best geen Disin.

On my Dads side of the Family I get to drive the four weeler every ware.  I get to go shoping.  It is alot of fun.  My Pepa alwas takes me to the lake.  The alwase are fun even thow they are 68 years old.

About by brothers.  My older brothers can be anowing.  Frank can go into my room and take my Dairy and Privet stuff and read it.  Witch I think is rude.  My oldes brother JB can pull me down and hurt me.  JB smokes and he has to share a 4th of closet with me.

My sisters can be rude to me and each other.  My sisters are a messy.  They have a messy room.  When they get out of the warpool they have the floor like the water had fluded.  My sisters ar picky.

Carlie is vary pike about what she eats or wares.  Carlie is strong and she can bite like an animal (stopping here in my typing to fall out of the chair laughing).  She is vary rude.  Madi is a rude person.  She all sweet at school but at home she can be a rude girl.

Lois my oldest sister is vary nice and sweet.  She plays 3 insterment.  She plays clarinet, and Drums and guitar.  I love Lois.  The End

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