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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm blind, I'm blind!!!!

So Thursday was the first Jr High dance of the year.  Frank is in 8th grade and Libby is in 7th and they both wanted to go.  It was from 7-9pm.  Bob took them.  I was getting my hair done...so I was coming by the middle school on my way home.  It was 8:30pm so I thought I would just grab them a little early.

When I pull up there....I see a sign and it says "7th graders picked up here....8th graders picked up here.....AT 9PM"

I go up to the front doors and sure enough, they are all locked.  The doors are glass.  I press my face to the glass to see if I could signal a teacher to let me in.  What I saw HORRIFIED ME.  The kids were in the atrium....it was DARK.....Miley Cyrus's The Climb was blaring from speakers....and the kids were  SLOW dancing...with their arms wrapped around necks and waists.  The was a disco ball flashing.

I staggered back from the door screaming "I'm BLIND.  I'm BLIND!!!!"  The sight of my "babies" slow dancing in the dark....well it doesn't even bare things about....no...not yet....PLEASE.

When I was in Junior High....the boys stood on one side of the room drinking punch and the girls gathered on the other side giggling.  And one or two "fast" couples might be out there in the middle dancing.  What the heck HAPPENED!!!!

Then the principal finally noticed me and let me in.  I walk into the office, and I see row after row after row of cell phones lined up on the counter.  The 7th graders had on color of sticky note with their names on them...and the 8th graders had another.  Holy Smokes, Batman!!!

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