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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food Fights

As they say in "A Christmas Story"....every family has one picky eater.....in ours it was.....Carlie.

School lunches have gotten so expensive that we have the kids pack a lunch four days of the week.  One day a week they get to have a hot lunch.  They look at the lunch calendar each week....and each kid carefully selects and plans which day they will have a hot lunch.

Well Carlie's tastes are just too refined for a sack lunch.  She hates anything we suggest.  Turkey sandwiches taste gross unless we buy her the expensive deli meat.  She won't eat peanut butter and jelly.  She can't take soup or anything like that because they don't have a place to heat it up.   She will only eat GREEN apples....not RED.....etc, etc.

Granny went up to the school one day to pick them up, and they told her that they were concerned about Carlie's lunch.  One day all she brought was a green apple.  And one day just a small kids' yogurt.  Ummmm.....well thanks for sharing.....but you can look at her sister's lunch to see that I don't starve my kids....and look at both of them to see that they don't miss too many meals.  One day she had no lunch at all.  So on these days they let her get a hot lunch.

So I called the school and told them that Carlie is allowed to have ONE hot lunch a week.   And she might just have to go hungry for a couple of days before she figured out she couldn't manipulate the system.  She was very helpful and said she would let me know if there were any more problems.

So the other day I got this email.


Thought I should let you know that on Tuesday Carlie only brought a bag of grapes in her lunch. When a asked her about it she said that she didn’t have time to eat breakfast so she ate part of her lunch on the bus and that she eat some more of it during morning snacks in Mr. Oliver’s class. Yesterday she ate a hot lunch and I didn’t think anything about it but when she ate one again today a said something like “Oh it must be a special week.” She looks at me and says, “I’ll tell my Mom when I get home. I slept to late and didn’t have time to pack my lunch!” Thought you might like to know.

Coe Food Service Secretary

Sigh.  Now every time she has TWO hot lunches in a week, she doesn't get one at ALL the next week.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought - so many kids are offered free lunches. Maybe you should look into that? I've had to tell more than one friend that food should never be used for punishment or reward.

Anonymous said...

So glad that anonymous has the answer....It is a responsibility thing and not a punishment or reward thing. We have had the same issues at our house. At $2.00 a lunch times 3 per day, we have had to revamp our lunches and breakfasts too. My daughter has taken very skimpy lunches, but she is learning that she will be hungry if she doesn't pack a good one. And yes, she has had some "grapes" lunches or "yogurt" lunches.

Christine said...

Free lunches and reduced lunches are only available if you qualify based on your income. They don't qualify. My daughter sometimes takes sack lunch, its usually ham sandwhich, cheetos and applesauce( and she dips her cheetos in the applesauce) Grosses out the other kids.

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