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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Libby Regarding Thanksgiving

My thanksgiving was awesome we went to my granny's house and when we got there the dog was barking and my pawpaw was on the phone.  My granny was standen at the door.  When we walked in it was 6:30 and it smelled like popcorn because my pawpaw was eating popcorn.  When my pawpaw got of the phone he started to talk to my granny about what happened to the car like if it was totel or not.  After that we at some dinner After dinner we watch 2 movies.  We ate popcorn, chip, and we ate ice cream

When it was time to go to bed we just could not find out how was sleeping with each other.   So about 10 minutes later I said Madi + Carlie sleep with mom.  I sleep on the couch Frank sleeps on the other couch dad sleeps in the back room and my granny + papaw sleep were they usely do.  So before we went to bed we had to brush are teath.  We went to bed and my mom in the morning was yelling she was having a nightmerror.  In the morning we had to get started cooking right away because we mad turkey, fruit saled, mashed potatos and gravey, and we also have to make pie.  whe we ate the food smelled so good I just keep eating.  When everyone was done eating we all just sat back and relaxed.

It is time to go home nobody wants to leave but it is time to.  When we got home it was about 5:00.  When we are at home every body just sleep.  At 7:00 we made dinner and we ate.  It is not time to go to bed but we all wanted to go to bed.

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