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Monday, November 7, 2011

Love in the Third Grade

I didn't know it, but Carlie has apparently been dating Jacob G.  He rides the bus with her, and they had been sitting together on the bus.   His older brother is a Senior on Bob's football team.

So the last home game, Libby and Carlie went with me.  After the game, Carlie grabbed my hand as we walked out of the stadium.   She said, "Well, Jacob broke up with me tonight.  It was awful!"  I asked her what happened and she said "Well Mom, I don't really know.  I was sitting by him in the bleachers.  And he threw this little football at me and the end of it hit me in the head....and said I don't like you any more...I'm breaking up with you!!!"
I told her that I was sorry that happened to her.  She said "It really broke my heart in two.  In fact, it broke it into millions of tiny little pieces.  I had to go sit in the stands and cry.  I put my head in Olivia E.'s lap....cause she is like a sister to me....and I cried and cried in her lap."

Again I told her that I was sorry her feelings got hurt, but she was really too young to be dating any way.

Then her green eyes got a sparkle in them and she said "But I took him down and pinned him to the ground, Mom.  And that made me feel alot better!!!!"  Ahhhh, has a bit of her Mom in her.

The next school day, I asked her how her school day went.  She said "It was GREAT.  Jacob didn't really break up with me.  It was all just a big misunderstanding!"

So Carlie is dating the younger brother of our Senior Linebacker, and Madi is dating the youngest brother of our starting quarter back.  Hmmmm....I'm thinking this is a picture of my future!!!

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