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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Libby Regarding Summer at the Lake

Oh how I wish Memaw could read this!!!

This summer I went to Oklahoma To vis my grandma at the Ufalla Lake.  My cusin Jody, J.C., Ema and Samal.  My Uncles and Aints to.  I swam in the lake.  And I Drove the 4 wheeler in the forest with my cusins Megin and Buba and Frank.  Frank almost ran over a dear.  We sall lots of dear and rabbits.

And then my Aint had 3 cookouts in a row.  First night I don't know because I wasn't ther I was at my grandma's house.  The 2nd ay they had Fish they Fried us some Fish.  The 3rd day we had hamburgers and hot dogs. The Food was vary vary good.  That was the bestest thang I ate.

Then I go fishing with my grandpa evry morning.  It is vary fun.  I got to cut the fish.  And clean the fish.  And when were Done, I got to spash bleach water on the tables and floors.  And then get the hose and sprad the tables and floors.  It sormed bad 2 will we were cleaning the fish.

Then I went to My Memas house and we cleaned the houl house.  When we came back to the lake nobody was ther but us.  I was leving to come back to Kansas.  We met my Dad at Ponca City.  We at at a realy good Cina Star bufet.  The End

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