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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carlie's First Basketball Game

This was the first year that they have allowed Kindergarteners to play. At first, I wasn't even going to let Carlie play. She tends to be more intellectual than athletic. In fact, right before basketball season started, I had gotten a note from her PE teacher because she was laying down in PE and refusing to run laps with the other kids.

But she SAW and read the flyer and came running to me waving it. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted that she wanted to play. I go "You DO know that there is RUNNING involved in Basketball, right?" But she told me "Tough girls play basketball, and I want to play!!!" So we signed her up.

Because none of the knew how to play, the league decided that the Kindergarteners would only play the last three games of the season. Carlie just could NOT understand why our other three kids got to play games every Saturday, but she didn't.

When we finally got to her first game it was well worth the wait. It was a actually a scrimmage. So she was playing against her other teammates. Carlie was one of the most aggressive kids out there. She was tackling other kids and jerking the ball away from them!! Her boyfriend, the one she's going to marry (pictured above) was on the other team. He had the ball and was running down the sidelines with it (out of bounds) and Carlie was hot on his heels screaming like a banshee. She was yelling "Kory!!! KORY!!! Come back here KORY!!!" Granny asked her afterwards why she was yelling at him like that and Carlie said "Well, I wanted him to give me the ball!!!!" We laughed and laughed and she had so much fun!!! She won all three of her games, the only one of our kids with an undefeated season!!!

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