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Friday, March 20, 2009

My Parents Are In China - Part II

Yesterday I got out and did some shopping. I found a grocery store and boy was it different from ours. There was raw fish piled up and eggs do not come in a carton here. I thought that was how hens laid them. The eggs were stacked up in a box. We still have a hard time finding Diet Pepsi. Here it is called Pepsi Light. You can not tell by reading the package what you are buying unless you recogonize the same wrapping we have at home. You can find most any American products you want.

I noticed when I was out shopping that most of the Chinese people wear black all the time. They wear the same clothes for about three days. This is maybe why they always wear the black. I will try to send some pictures tomorrow. My card reader for my camera is not working so I need to buy another one. Anytime you are out on the street you are followed by a group of men who are saying in broken English, Lookie, lookie, wanna buy a watch? They they try to sell you an assortment of knock off Rolex watches. LOL

Later in the afternoon David called me and told me that the company was sending a driver to pick me up and we would be eating out near the plant. I did have to good sense to ask him what the car looked like. When I went down to the lobby there were TWO black Audi's exactly alike parked there. When I tried to ask the driver if I was supposed to go with him all he could reply in English was Debbie? I told him my name was Brenda but he did not understand any English. After much deliberation on my part and the drivers part and me saying every Chinese word I know, I uttered the word Evermark which is the name of their company and he shook his head and repeated the word again as if he understood. As soon as the car took off I felt like I had made a big mistake. So I called my husband and told him I would do some serious harm to his body if I was in the wrong car. Fortunatly I was in the right one.

When we finally reached the plant, JoAnna wanted to take us to eat where we could eat Chinese country food. We drove and drove forever it seemed. Finally we did pull into a nice placed that looked a lot like a greenhouse. Here they grew all the food we had in our meal. We had pumpkin, sauted minnows with some other junk in it, shrimp, various green vegetables that Keith called grass. One of the main dishes was boiled wild chicken (maybe like our prarie hen). As they were stirring this around I realized it had feet and all. After we had finished our meal and sat around the table visiting, one of the ladies asked for the leftovers and fished out both feet and the tips of the wings. She then sucked all the meat off those pieces. I really had to turn my head not to gag. We tried some corn juice which was just like it sounds. We did have fresh cucumbers which tasted so good and always at each meal we have fresh watermelon. I think if I had not had bottled water to wash it down I would have been a goner!

I will be using this email address while I am here. My other one is messed up. Until later..... Brenda

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