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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My "Baby" is now 6. How Did That Happen??

Her birthday was on the 14th. I know it sounds so cliche, but the time is flying by so fast. She's a little girl, not a baby any more. So far she's had two birthday parties and one more to go. She had one with Granny and Pawpaw before they left for China. And she had a second one on her actual birthday with Memaw and Pepaw. When school starts back up well have another one for her friends.

She's such a character and has so much personality. Her kindergarten teacher was telling me at conferences about Carlie not getting her way and the slouch that she does. She rolles her shoulders forwards, ducks her head and slinks off. The teacher said she has a hard time not laughing at her every time she does it.

She reads on a solid third grade level. The teach said she is social at school and likes to talk and help the other kids. She probably loses a star a couple of times a week for talking, and the teacher said she's super competitive (surprise, surprise...wonder where she gets that from!!)

Here is probably my all time favorite Carlie picture.

1 comment:

JoLynn said...

Happy Birthday, you will always be my beautiful "baby" niece! :)


Aunt Jo

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