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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Poor Puker

Madi was throwing up last night. Lena stayed home with her today. I don’t know how one little kid managed to throw up SO MUCH. She puked all over her top bunk…all over every single blanket and stuffed toy up there. And it ran down from the top bunk on to the bottom bunk. Then for good measure, she puked once more over the side of the bed on to the treasured Hannah Montana bean bag on the floor. So I’m emptying the beads out of it at 10pm at night so that I can wash the cover.

She didn’t throw up any more, but she said this morning that her stomach was still hurting, so Lena stayed with her.

The strangest thing also happened when she threw up. She first went into the living room where Bob was. And I swore I heard her say "Daddy, I threw up. I need help!!!" But all Bob heard her say was "Mommmmmm!!!" Funny how that works!!!

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